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Executive Coaching

Unlock your potential with Executive Coaching from Andrew Heley. If you are determined to take your career to the next level but are overwhelmed with the tactics needed to get you there, Andrew will work with you to put a strategy in place to guide you to meet your objectives.

He will act as your advisor and confidante. A sounding board for any issues and challenges you may see as holding you back from achieving your career goals. He will assist you in bringing out the best in you in order to expand your thinking and change how you approach your day to day work life to ultimately achieve your ambition.

Lifestyle Coaching

Andrew will encourage you to complete a coaching plan uncovering your life’s accomplishments, highlights, issues and challenges to form the basis of the direction you wish your coaching to take and what you would like to achieve for your future.

Andrew will regularly work with you to track your progress while reviewing and planning to ultimately reach your life goals. At each session he will recap your previous week and encourage you for the week ahead. He will determine your objectives with you and the strategies you need to adapt in order take you on a life path to success and happiness.

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