Pilates FAQs

  • What do I need to wear / bring?

    Wear comfortable gym attire, nothing restricting. You can take your pilates class in bare feet or ‘sticky’ socks.

  • What should I expect from my first class?

    Start with the beginners class. Your first class is about becoming familiar with the Reformer, trying out some of the classical exercises and most importantly having fun! Be prepared for a workout but know that it gets easier. You will feel more confident about it and the more you do, the better your results will be.

  • Do I need to be fit to take part?

    The pace is determined by you and each exercise can be modified to suit each individual. No matter your level of fitness you will begin to feel stronger, fitter, leaner and will soon be able to see the difference in your overall posture and core.

  • How many classes are recommended per week?

    This is entirely down to personal preference. Reformers can be practised as your main exercise but it will also complement all other types of training. The more you do it the better you will become.

  • How long before I see results?

    Joseph Pilates once said: “In 10 classes you will feel the difference, in 20 classes you will see the difference, in 30 you will be on your way to a whole new body.”

  • How are Reformers different from other workouts?

    This workout targets muscle groups you never even knew you had! The focus is on precise movements to enhance your core, posture, overall strength and mobility. You will leave feeling like you have had a great total body workout.

  • What if I need to cancel my class?

    Life happens, so should something crop up you can cancel via the booking app or get in touch with us in the studio. We operate a 24 hour notice period for cancellations so someone else has the opportunity to use your place in the class. If you cancel within the 24 hours you will lose your class fee.

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