60 mins

Massages are proven to improve mental wellbeing. We recommend the joy of an Aromatherapy Associates massage TWO-GETHER. This is ideal for couples, mothers & daughters or friends benefiting from this unique shared experience in our beautiful double treatment room followed by chocolates and herbal tea.

In today’s world, it is hard to find time to spend alone together without the pressures of daily life. Spending this quality time together and sharing a new relaxing experience gives you time away from the stresses of daily life to concentrate solely on yourself and your partner, strengthening any relationship or friendship.

Any relationship will benefit from you both being calm, relaxed and in the moment. While our Aromatherapy massages release tension from our tired muscles, it also helps to release these toxins from the body and encourages the production of Serotonin. The Serotonin is our bodies happy hormone which helps us enjoy the massage, increases intimacy between couples, calmness, happiness, and pleasure both during the massage and after. These lovely added feelings of affection and wellbeing will improve your relationship and encourage a deeper connection.

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