Pilates at Eclectic

Pilates at Eclectic classes are provided in two luxurious studio spaces with 10 top of the range Balanced Body Pilates Reformers in one studio and Classical Matwork and Fitness Pilates provided in the other.

Once a practice reserved for athletes, dancers and celebrity types, you too can now embrace the challenge and feeling of the latest style of pilates workout on our Reformer beds. This amazing piece of kit offers resistance training  like no other! You get all the  benefits of Classical Pilates but taken to the next level. Develop length, stability and unrivalled core conditioning in individual or small group training classes.


You can also learn to create control, better movement patterns and alignment through safe, non-weight bearing exercises on the Mat with instructors who have 30 years combined teaching experience, the most recent 12 focused solely on Pilates or you can join us in one of our Fitness Pilates classes too.


Pilates at Eclectic also offers specialist Workshops aimed at those who want to develop their understanding of ‘Contrology’, (the name given to Joseph Pilates method of complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit), alleviate pain, or athletes seeking to increase movement, speed and flexibility.

Progressive Reformer

Designed for those who have developed a good core strength and balance.  We recommend that you have completed a series of beginner classes and are confident in your practice before attending these classes.

Beginners Reformer

The Reformer is one of the best known and most used pieces of Pilates apparatus. It will add another layer to your Matwork practise by starting to test your body in different ways. There are a range of Springs to either offer you support during an exercise or to challenge you. This is a very different feeling of a workout and each class will consist of a mixture of strength and mobility exercises. You will get taught how to use the very simple piece of kit and get a demo of most exercises throughout the class. You move at your own pace and rest when you need to

Fitness Pilates

Using all the fundamentals of Pilates this is a cardio style class done to music. Be prepared to get sweaty, have fun and build Abs of steel! This class is weight bearing, meaning that you will need to be able to bear weight on knees, elbows or wrists at some point eg: in a plank position.


Matwork Pilates

An exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1940's, to improve mobility, develop core strength, better posture and movement control.  Matwork Pilates is suitable for all abilities. This is a non weight baring class and most exercises will have multiple options so you can choose what suits your body best. Pilates in some form, we believe, should be incorporated into everyone's exercise routine regardless of your goals to aid your training.


We provide mats for this class however please feel free to bring your own